Meeting of the Council for the Congregation of Mehrerau
October 23, 2023

From Monday, Oct. 23, to Wednesday, Oct. 25, the Council of the Mehrerau Congregation  met in the Mariazell Wurmsbach Monastery (on Lake Zurich). The council of Abbot Vinzenz Wohlwend (praeses) includes the following abbots and abbesses: Abbot Maximilian File (Sticna), Abbot German Erd (Stams), Abbot Marc Guilhem de Pothuau (Hauterive), Abbess Hildegard Brem (Mariastern Gwiggen), Abbess Monika Thumm (Marizell Wurmsbach), Abbess Marianne Zürcher (Maigrauge). The general procurator of our Order, Father Lluc Torcal, also took part in the deliberations as a guest. The Prior Administrator, Father Benedikt Michel, also came from Marienstatt Abbey for a visit. We pray the Holy Spirit accompanied the discussions.