Calendario liturgico Directorium 2023 

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Foundation project of the Abbey of Boulaur at the Abbey of Notre-Dame des Neiges

The Mother Abbess and the community of the Abbey Sainte Marie de Boulaur,

The Abbot and the community of the Abbey of Notre-Dame des Neiges,

Are happy to share with you good news during this Easter season.
Many people were saddened to learn of the announcement of the closure of the Abbey N.-D. des Neiges, due to the decline in the strength of the community. After this decision, taken peacefully by the brothers on December 22, a process of discernment was initiated with the Abbey of Boulaur with a view to a resumption of the place by the sisters of the community.
At the invitation of Bishop Balsa, Bishop of Viviers, and with the support of the Abbots General of the two Cistercian Orders, the foundation project was voted on by the community of nuns on March 21.
If the General Chapters of the OCSO and the OCist approve this decision during their meetings next autumn, 8 nuns from Boulaur will join the Abbey des Neiges from December 1st 2022 to continue the beautiful tradition of prayer and welcome initiated by the brothers in this place.
We entrust this beautiful intention to your prayers and thank the Lord for this perspective of a way of life for the Abbey of Notre-Dame des Neiges.