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Beatification of the Martyrs of Algeria – December 8, 2018

I am extremely grateful to Abbot General Eamon and to the whole Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance for having invited me to participate in the beatification of 19 martyrs in Algeria, among whom are the seven Trappist monks of Tibhirine. Their witness is a light that guides us to live our daily vocation with greater responsibility, in order to be seeds of brotherhood and peace in today’s world, by spreading to everyone, like Mary visiting Elizabeth, the living presence of Jesus Christ among us.

Visiting the monastery of Tibhirine, the day after the beatification, was for me like returning to Galilee, to Nazareth, after the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is clear that it was in the poor and humble circumstances of the daily offering of self in monastic and fraternal life, in prayer and hospitality, that the seven blessed placed their life in the hands of God, for the love of Christ and the salvation of the world.

For this reason we need to look at these martyrs with the desire to learn from their example, and to ask for their intercession with trust and gratitude!

Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe OCist
Abbot General