Calendario liturgico Directorium 2023 

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The graduation ceremony from the theological Institute of the Holy Family Congregation

May 2, Phuoc Son Vietnam - On the feast of Saint Athanasius, the patron saint of the Institute, 42 monks received their theological certificates after years of rigorous study and dedication to their faith.
The event was attended by Fr. John Nguyen Van Son, Abbot president, Fr. JB Nguyen Tien Dung, Rector/Director, abbots, priors, friends, benefactors, and members of the wider monastic community who gathered to honor the hard work and commitment of these individuals. The event was taken place at the hall of the Institute.
Following the abbot's address, the graduates were called to the stage one by one to receive their certificates. Each monk bowed before the abbot before stepping forward to receive their certificate and a blessing. The graduates looked radiant with joy and pride as they accepted their certificates, surrounded by the applause and well wishes of their loved ones.
The graduation of these 42 monks is a testament to the power of dedication, hard work, and faith. It is a reminder that there are individuals in this world who are willing to devote themselves to a life of service, prayer, and contemplation. The theological education they have received will enable them to continue to deepen their understanding of their faith and serve as leaders and teachers within their communities.
After the ceremony, a reception was held where everyone gathered to enjoy a meal together and celebrate the graduates' achievements. The atmosphere was festive and relaxed, with lively conversations and laughter filling the air. The graduates shared stories of their journey and expressed their gratitude to their families, teachers, and the monastic community for their support.
In addition, our Founder, Father Henri Denies (Benedict Thuận) has taught his sons: “walk together” in the spiritual journey. It becomes his testament to the all of monks and nuns in the Congregation. The congregational Institute of Theology has established for monks of all monasteries to study theology under the same roof as their school. With the hope that these wonderful graduate monks had a chance to study together, then they will work well together for the Congregation in the future.